Broadview Throwback CX Results

Wow! Thanks to officials Lynn Marut and Michael Larimer, we’ve already posted results from yesterday’s Team Lake Effect Throwback CX race in Broadview Heights.

It was a great day of racing with and spectating with both racers and hecklers braving the rain and wind. Lots of fun at the “Col du Broadview” with cowbells, yelling, taunting and an impressively creative array of handups for those who conquered the hill.

Huge props (pun intended) to none other than John Proppe who, on his final lap on the way to victory, rode up the entire length of the Col du Broadview. It was an impressive feat with the crowd getting crazy at the sight!

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Hiram CX Results and a 2012 NEOCX Series Update

Received the Hiram CX results this morning and made updates to the 2012 NEOCX Series overall standings as well prior to the last race of the series which will be held tomorrow!

If you don’t have seven (7) races and/or you haven’t raced at least one (1) December race – tomorrow is your last chance to be a series qualifier. If you don’t finish tomorrow with seven race starts, you are not a series qualifier. If you don’t race one of the December races, you are not a series qualifier. Thems is the rules… (Remember, we reduced the December requirement from two to one race when the final two races of the series were canceled.)

Also wanted to share a race report from Kevin Madzia, an employee at the Peninsula Century Cycles, on the merits of getting out there and entering a cyclocross race. Please send it to friends who are on the fence about trying our awesome sport!

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LATE BREAKING NEWS – NEOCX Series Finale this Sunday!

Due to unforeseen circumstances with land use and permitting, the final two races of the 2012 NEOCX series have been canceled. Thus, the series finale race will be held this Sunday – December 9, 2012.

The Team Lake Effect Throwback CX @ Broadview Heights will be the last race of the NEOCX 2012 season and, if you want to be in series contention, you MUST still race at least one of your seven (7) qualifying races in December. That means if you have seven (7) races and didn’t race last weekend, you MUST race this weekend to be a series contender.

An awards ceremony with beer and pizza will be held at Bike Authority following the conclusion of the A-race, thanks to the generosity of Sherman and Rudy.

We’re still planning a 2012 NEOCX Series awards ceremony and festivities, maybe at the Sokol Center on the 29th – the date the VeloCross race was originally scheduled. Stay tuned for more details.

Sorry for the last-minute news but stuff happens and as CX racers we all know that flexibility and adaptability are keys to success in this sport.

As disappointing as it is for these last two races to fall off the schedule, I’d like to once again thank the awesome promoters, sponsors, volunteers, teams, officials, racers, park boards, land owners and spectators who made this another amazing year of cyclcocross racing in Northeast Ohio.


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Pre-December NEOCX Series Update!

Hi All,

Thought I’d be diligent and get in another NEOCX Series Update with the latest results as of 11/29/2012 before going into December.

There is still lots of great racing ahead and, if you want to be in series contention, you MUST race at least one of your seven (7) qualifying races in December.

The series requirement of two (2) December races has been reduced due to the cancellation of the VeloCross event on December 29. We’ll still have the NEOCX series awards ceremony and festivities at the Sokol Center on that day, just no racing.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready for the final push of excellent Northeast Ohio Cyclocross racing!


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First NEOCX Series results of 2012!

Yes, ladies and gentleman. I’ve done the brain grinding work of updating the NEOCX series spreadsheet with six – YES SIX – races all at once!

NEOCX 2012 Series Schedule and Results

I love you. You owe me…


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Chagrin Falls CX Flyer

The 7th Annual Chagrin Falls Cyclocross Challenge flyer has been posted. This two-day spectacular has become a fun and competitive fixture in the Northeast Ohio Cyclocross Series and we are so happy this two day event (10/27-28) continues in 2012.

Remember – costumes for riders and spectators are encouraged. There will be a beer tent (21+), food, a great course with plenty of places to cheer/heckle riders, and as always – great racing.

Online registration is available at the USAC website and the course is open Tuesday 10/23 from 5pm until dark. The address is 7177 Bainbridge Road, Chagrin Falls, OH – and, if you’ve been there, you know what a great location and race this is.

Thanks to Brett Davis and family, Fast Track Cycling, Case Cycling Club and Joy Machine Bicycles for making this event possible!

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Brooklyn CX Results

Sorry I couldn’t make it to what looked to be a great race in Brooklyn yesterday. No tears in CX – but then again it looked like it was raining so who could tell…

Posted from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for your viewing pleasure – the Brooklyn CX Results.

– gregg

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