A note from Brett Davis…

Brett Davis, Chagrin River CX Challenge promoter, asked me to pass this note along to all NEOCX series participants…

To All NEOCX Cross Series Participants,

I would like to take a moment to apologize for the delay in posting results as well as for several scoring errors. In past years the results have been posted within a day or two. This year due to a confluence of factors (all my fault) the results were posted late and there were several scoring errors. I pledge to do a better job in the future. I hope that my shortcomings don’t reflect poorly on the NEOCX Series. Thank you for supporting the race and the series.

Brett Davis

{{ Thanks Brett! You put on a great two-race weekend and we appreciate your dedication to the sport. Already looking forward to next year.  Gregg Brekke }}

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One Response to A note from Brett Davis…

  1. Bill Marut says:

    No worries Brett! Great weekend and a Great course! Nice job and thanks for the races.

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