Great racing at the NEOCX finale today!

One note of NEOCX Series clarification. Due to a tie-breaker rules misinterpretation on my part (Gregg Brekke), I awarded first place to Matt Weeks in the prize ceremony. The true tie-breaker rules indicate that the person entering the series finale race with the highest points would be awarded the placement winner prize. Paul Martin entered the final race with a series points lead over Matt, thus he is the A-Men NEOCX Series winner.

Kudos to Matt for agreeing to the rules interpretation and kudos to Paul for splitting the series cash prize with Matt. Trophies were swapped and both went home with the same cash prize award ($300 each, instead of a $400/$200 split.) I’m confident that the true “spirit” of cyclocross was displayed in this exchange.

Paul and Matt, you are both great competitors and truly good sports – a testament to all other cycling competitors.

I’d like to extend my personal apologies to both racers and an acknowledgment of their commanding presences in the A-Men’s race of the NEOCX Series.

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