2010 NEOCX Series Awards

A Men

1. Paul Martin
2. Matt Weeks
3. Steve Twining
4. Ernie Marenchin
5. John Proppe
6. Jason Halloran
7. Cameron Jackson

B Men

1. Paul Donatelli
2. Jay Karpinski
3. Brent Thompson
4. Michael Larimer
5. Bruce McDonald

B Women

1. Leah Halloran
2. Sally Price
3. Samantha Brode
4. Julie Lewis-Sroka

C Open

1. Eric Madis
2. James Laing
3. George Gantner
4. Michael Adams (Series Sponsor – WAS Systems!)

Junior Open

1. Ryan Madis
2. William Cousino
3. Kennedy Adams

Full series results, inclusive of Kirtland Park CX, should be posted by mid-week. Thanks to everyone for a great series that included:

– Nearly 350 individual racers
– 10 races put on by 8 clubs/teams/shops
– $500 gift certificate sponsorship from GreatRaceNutrition.com
– $250 additional cash sponsorship from Team Spin / RR Donnelley
– $500 cash sponsorship from WAS Systems (Michael Adams)
– Lynn Marut for great officiating and scoring at the majority of races
– And everyone else who helped out with the series – you know who you are – THANKS!

Gregg Brekke

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2 Responses to 2010 NEOCX Series Awards

  1. Thomas Wilson says:

    Cudos to everyone who made this series work. From a rider’s perspective, I couldn’t have asked for better races or sponsors. Can’t wait ’til next season. Thanks again!

  2. velospence says:

    Awesome series!! Thanks to everyone that made my trip enjoyable and kept me coming back!!!

    Hopefully next year there’s less conflict with Cap City Cross. I’d much rather spend my Sundays with NEOCX than ovcx… KEEP IT FUN!!!!

    Can’t wait until next year!


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