Kirtland Park CX Results

Please follow this link to the Kirtland Park CX race results.

The race’s USAC official, Lynn Marut, notes that the B results may be off because of the shortness of the course and the number of lapped riders that were on the course at any given time.

If you know you were lapped and are listed as finishing on the lead (8th) lap, please leave a note here so we can correct the results. You get extra karma points for sportsmanlike conduct…

Thanks to Team Lake Effect for the great race at a venue that has plenty of built-in challenges.

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2 Responses to Kirtland Park CX Results

  1. David Novak says:

    Great race guys!

    Did anyone happen to find a long sleeve white undergarment on the fenced near the start/finish of the Kirtland race? It has the specialized red “S” on the front. Let me know via email or phone and I’ll find a way to get it from you. Thanks!!
    Dave Novak

  2. Thanks for the race, great course! Came in from NH to visit family and got to fit in a race. Just checked the results though I wasn’t listed. C category 5th place I believe bib number was 23. Hope to make it back again next year around the same time of year and will definitely check to see if you guys are hosting a race.

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