Fall Dates – Series Planning

Just a quick update to let all NEOCX racers know that series planning is underway. There are a few new dates being added and the series format WILL expand for 2011.

Details are still being firmed up. Race promoters and series volunteers will get the details ironed out by the middle of July. We all have “day jobs” and with early summer commitments it’ll take a few more weeks – but rest assured, we are on it.

Looking forward to a great 2011 NEOCX series!

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One Response to Fall Dates – Series Planning

  1. Doug Dobrozsi says:

    My family had a great time at the Kirkland Park race last year. Just the right vibe. Fun. We will definitely come up for at least one of you races in 2011.

    Cincy 3 day weekend is November 4/5/6. Of note, it will include a UCI Junior category (17-18) on Saturday and Sunday. UCI junior points in those races are used for call ups at Nationals.

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