2011 Series Dates / Rules Posted

After much discussion, all teams and race organizers have agreed to the 2011 NEOCX Series race dates and rules.

New for this year are stagger starts and scoring for all categories in addition to a B-1/B-2 race format that includes a single-speed category along with Masters, Women and Senior Men into two 40 minute races.

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9 Responses to 2011 Series Dates / Rules Posted

  1. Jos Belich says:

    Great to see the schedule/rules for the season!!!
    RD’s– How many of you plan on having the singlespeeds included in B1?

    • greggb says:

      There was a general consensus that races would score singlespeed separately if there were at least five (5) racers registered in that category at their race. If there are fewer than five racers, the individual race promoter has the right to assign singlespeed racers to other B category races. Depending on turnout, there may not be a prize list at individual races for singlespeed.

      The series will award overall singlespeed prizes if there are at least five (5) racers who complete seven (7) or more races where singlespeed is scored as a separate category.

      This category is a bit of an experiment. Promoters have been guaranteed 30-50 racers in each category in past years meaning they could also guarantee a prize pool.

      We would love to be surprised and see 20 or more racers in the singlespeed category at each race. That would surely convince the promoters not only to provide scoring but also prizes for singlespeed racers.

  2. Mehul says:

    Thanks for the explanation and thanks for doing this.

  3. nick says:

    NEOCX! i am going to be in the CLE for the weekend of 10/15-16 and am going to race at willoughby. are you guys as obsessed with bikereg as we are in MABRA? what is the best way to register?

    • greggb says:

      Hey Nick – glad you are coming out to participate in our series. Willoughby is always a fun race with a tough ride/run up on a sledding hill!

      We don’t have BikeReg enabled for this years’ events – but I’m looking into it for the 2012 series. With 13 (or 14) races promoted by individual teams, the organization and system flexibility to make BikeReg happen across the entire series just wasn’t there this year.

      On-site registration is available at all races starting fairly early – 9-10am in most cases.

  4. nick says:

    wow, how do you determine starting position then, if not by order of registration? (the real holeshot in MABRA races is to register first so you are further up the grid)

  5. nick says:

    i guess you can do that when everybody gets points. oh man, you guys are gonna make me start last.

    • greggb says:

      No worries – only the top 10 are usually called to the line. There’s lots of time to elbow your way into the second row and still have a great start!

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