Cascade Park CX – singlespeed update

Just spoke with Michael Larimer of SnakeBite Racing this evening and he wanted me to pass along that the Cascade Park CX race in Elyria this Sunday will have a singlespeed category with a staggered-start in the B1 race at 12:01 pm.

All NEOCX races will hold a singlespeed category pending at least five (5) registered riders in the category.

Given that this is our first year of running singlespeed as a unique category, race organizers are not under obligation to award separate prizes for this category. If there are at least five (5) singlespeed racers who complete the seven (7) race series requirement – the NEOCX Series will award prizes to the top three (3) singlespeed racers!

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2 Responses to Cascade Park CX – singlespeed update

  1. Ray Huang says:

    If there are not 5 for SS, can I race the Masters 35+ B race? I ask because i have been racing A for a few years now.

    The long story is my daughter’s soccer games are Sunday at 2:30pm for the next 7 weeks straight. I dont want to miss too many of her games.

    Thank you,
    Ray Huang

    • greggb says:

      Thanks for the question Ray.

      The “official” answer is that if you hold a USAC Cat 3/4 cyclocross license you are eligible to race the B1 Masters 35+ race.

      The “unofficial” answer is that you have one race to prove that you aren’t sandbagging! If you blow the field away, you won’t be eligible to race B1 Masters in future races. (Don’t worry, a top 5 finish isn’t blowing the field away…)

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