We have Flyers!

Flyer-paluza began today with Spin’s Wendy Park CX, Stark Velo’s Kent State (Stark Campus) CX and Orrville/SoupCan CX info all arriving within minutes of each other.

Please note the Wendy Park CX flyer for its changes to the four-race format found in other NEOCX Series races. Spin has taken their own, well – er, ‘spin,’ on the race categories. All B men (Senior/35+/45+) and singlespeed racers will race in one “B” event.

Cat 1/2/3 men and women will race in the “A” event, with women racing 40 minutes and men racing 60 minutes.

Spin’s race promoters have assured the series that ALL NEOCX Series categories (C open, C 50+ men, C women Cat 3, C juniors, B 3/4 open, B 3/4 35+ men, B 3/4 45+ men, B women 1/2/3, B singlespeed, A men 1/2/3 and A Master’s 35+ men 1/2/3) will be scored separately so that series points will apply as at other venues.

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2 Responses to We have Flyers!

  1. I might be the only person who wanted this entry to be entitled “I been had flyers”. But that’s me, and I suspect I’m the only one.

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