USAC rules update – Racing Age

A reminder to all ‘aging’ racers – USAC has changed the definition of ‘racing season’ as it relates specifically (and only) to Cyclocross season. Because national and world competitions are held in January and February of the following year, your ‘Cyclocross Racing Age’ is the age you will be on the December 31st following the end of Cyclocross Season.

What does this mean practically? Well, everyone’s ‘Cyclocross Racing Age’ for the NEOCX Series is actually your age as of December 31, 2012. Confused? Well, don’t be – here are the excerpts from the USAC rule book that will clear it all up for you…

1A30. A rider’s racing age shall be his or her age on December 31 of the current year except in cyclocross. A rider’s racing age in cyclocross is his age on December 31st of the year that the cyclocross season ends. All references to age of riders, race age groups, or age class shall be interpreted as referring to racing age.
1A33. The cyclocross season begins September 1st of one year and ends on the last day of February of the following year.

Your road racing age may have been 34 in 2011, but for Cyclocross season it is 35 – congratulations, you are now a Master!

All riders should update their racing age accordingly at the next race.

For those who thought they were racing age 34, 44 or 49 based on a December 31, 2011 date, please send a note to the series organizer so he can try to make sense out of the overall results as submitted by the first two races.

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7 Responses to USAC rules update – Racing Age

  1. Jos Belich says:

    I’m not dead yet! Is that ‘ride’ tricked out with carbon bars and dugast tubulars?

    • greggb says:

      The bars are carbon, but I think the rest of the rig is 7071 aluminum. Rest assured – the top pros have nothing better Jos! (Although I don’t think pictured setup has Chris King hubs…

  2. Mark says:

    is there any plan the organizers of the race results would be submitting race results to Usac? and/or

    • greggb says:

      Good question Mark. The series receives results from each promoter/official and tabulates it into the “overall.”

      We’re hoping to implement a series results software program soon. A few things are in the air. We’ll tabulate series standings manually after Wendy Park CX if this solution is not ready.

      Our goal is to make the results available locally as well as share them with USAC and other national tabulators.

  3. Bill Flecher says:

    Oh cool, now my racing age is 59. So, another batch of young guns’ will be moving up into the 45+ race meaning even more beat downs.

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