Wendy Park CX Results!

Thanks to Spin for a great cyclocross race at Wendy Park! The weather was nice, the racing was hot and (they tell me) the beer was cold!

Results are posted here and ready for download.

Any questions on the results can be directed to info@teamspin.com.

Please email your photo gallery links and we’ll post them.

High-res images from Wendy Park CX #1 are available for download from SixView Studios at just $10/each. A $2.50 donation will be made to junior prizes for each purchase.

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3 Responses to Wendy Park CX Results!

  1. Ray Huang says:

    For a fun view of the course (minus the peer) check this out. switch to satellite view. Amazing how accurate a cell hone in your pants pocket is!! I was only off maybe 10′ in spots.


    Thanks Spin for a job well done.

  2. Chris Huck says:

    Thought I’d let you know the email address above appears to not be working as my message got bounced twice. My last name was misspelled (‘Hrek’ instead of ‘Huck’) in the 35+ results; I wrote it in on the results at the race, but it just didn’t make it into the electronic version. Not a big deal, just didn’t want anybody to get confused when compiling the series results.

    Spin did a nice job with this race and Wendy Park is such a great venue.


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