2-for-1 Special – (Solon CX and Series Results!!!)

Miracles do never cease and I’ve posted both the CRC Solon CX results and a NEOCX Series update!

Just two more races left in the Series on amazing courses – Willoughby’s Todd Park and Kirtland Park. Both races are annual favorites and are great tests of the best cyclocross racers in Northeast Ohio!

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4 Responses to 2-for-1 Special – (Solon CX and Series Results!!!)

  1. Confused says:

    Are you taking the series out of 6 now since Willoughby #1 was cancelled?! It is only fair. . .

    • greggb says:

      No – the series requirement is still seven races.

      Last year, we had only 10 races and the series requirement was seven. This year, even with the cancellation of Willoughby #1, we will have 12 races.

      The question was also asked of all the race promoters (the real “owners” of the series) and they agreed to keep the requirement at seven.

  2. Dale Seeds says:

    Hi Greg
    Thanks for all you do for NEOCX!. Looks like my points for the Solon C 50+ race were inverted–it should be 69 points rather than 96 points, ( unless you’re giving an over 60+ handicap!)
    Thanks, Dale Seeds( Stark Velo)

    • greggb says:

      Yeah, another racer already informed me of my dys-typia. I’ve corrected it in my series spreadsheet and the correction will appear in the next update with Willoughby’s results. Great and consistent racing Dale!

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