Cascade CX Results Posted

NEOCX is happy to report that results from the ever-spectacular Snakebite Racing Cascase Park CX race have been posted.

A big thanks to Snakebite Racing and all their volunteers for putting on this, now the third-annual, great event at a unique venue.

Please check out the Northeast Ohio Cyclocross Series 2012 Schedule page for all results and upcoming races.

See you at Whiskey Island this Sunday!

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5 Responses to Cascade CX Results Posted

  1. Eric Fassnacht says:

    Men’s C Open Bib 13 (12th place) = Eric Fassnacht, not Ernie. No offence to any Ernies out there.

  2. Ryan Knopf says:

    Great Race! I was scored in the Masters B45+ catagory. Should be in Masters B35+

    • greggb says:

      Hi Ryan,

      The series leaves it up to the promoter and officials to make corrections. We will post an updated results list as soon as we receive one.

  3. Angie Ridgel says:

    Thanks for the fixes on the results— Please post them here and I will fix them before I send to USAC. ANGIE

    • Ed Faidiga says:

      Hi Angie,

      Just a note, I noticed that my result was reported as “Ed Farmer”, mens C 50+. Should be Ed Faidiga. Probably my poor handwriting on the form.

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