Wendy Park CX Results

The Wendy Park CX results are available on the 2012 Schedule and Results page.

Thanks to Team Spin and shop for putting on yet another tremendous race at this exciting Cleveland city venue.

If you have any modifications to the results, please contact the fine folks at Team Spin and they will help assess the changes.

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14 Responses to Wendy Park CX Results

  1. Bill Gibson says:

    Hi all,
    I didn’t see any mention in the results of our team, Blue Sky Cycling, which is licensed by USA Cycling. We even promote a race in the series as is well known by the other teams and sponsoring shops.
    Snakebite Racing also seems to have been overlooked. In the interest of fair play and sportsmanship,how about adding all the team names in the results?
    Bill Gibson,
    Blue Sky

    • greggb says:

      Good point Bill. It would be great if all promoters would add team name to their registration list and add that to the results.


  2. Tom says:


    We did not post teams for three reasons. First, few riders listed their teams. Second, we will add the other information when we submit the results to USAC. Third, we took our cues from the results posted for Cascade Park, which also omitted teams from the results, and about which no one commented as far as I can tell.


  3. Bill Gibson says:

    First, you DID post SOME team names,and our guys and I did list our team name. Second, local grassroot teams like yours and mine, need local recognition, USAC listing is mandatory, no? Third, NO teams were listed @ Cascade, hence nobody was left out.
    Finally, and after this I am done. What happened to our B open racer Kenny Gardner,,,,I think I saw him finish in 5th or 6th place? No mention in the results.
    I realize this is just friendly competition here, and mistakes and oversights can happen. How about a quick update to the results and we all move on?
    Bill Gibson,

  4. Tom says:

    HI Bill,

    I put in the teams of riders I knew, and USAC results routinely omit results. I’ll check into the Kenny Gardner result.


  5. Tom says:


    I missed Kenny Gardner! I’ll revise the entire results after they’ve been up for a few days. I won’t be able to race cross for a few weeks. My youngest son plays soccer every Sunday and his games start at, of course, 2.30.


  6. Dale Seeds says:

    I see my name ( Dale Seeds) was left off the finishers for the C 50+ . I went up to the officials after the results were posted and mentioned it. They gave no reason why they didn’t post it but they did have record of my finishing ( #395). I did four laps , not three, as did fellow Stark Velo team mate Rich Grella. I finished 13th after Daryl Breedlove. I know its a thankless job keeping track of all this, and we all appreciate Team Spin’s hard work, but hey, I pay my license and registration fees just like the guys who win. I trust you can correct this, especially for the year end points total.

  7. Matt says:

    Are these results ever going to be sent to USA

    • greggb says:

      Hi Matt,

      Each race organizer/promoter will be submitting results to USAC cycling. I’ll follow up with the races that have run so far and make sure these are being sent in. We’ll also be working to format the results so they can be submitted to crossresults.com. As you may or may not know, NEOCX is a volunteer organized series, so some things just take a litte more time…


      • Matt says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I was just wondering because the Brooklyn cross seemed to be much more organized and promt with results as they where posted in a reasonable time (within a couple of days as oppossed to a few weeks) for a volunteer organization. Thank you again for a great course. See you at the races!

  8. Tom says:

    Matt, they are posted. We had a few issues with the results we received so, rather than post incorrect results to USAC, we worked with the officials to get the results right. I’m sure you agree that it’s better to be patient to get things right.

  9. Bill Gibson says:

    HI Tom,
    I just checked USAC website for Kenneth Gardner , license #280990. No result for the B Open race, where he finished in 5th place. Also still no listing @ NEOCX. When can we see the updates?

    Bill Gibson Blue Sky Cycling Team

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