Pre-December NEOCX Series Update!

Hi All,

Thought I’d be diligent and get in another NEOCX Series Update with the latest results as of 11/29/2012 before going into December.

There is still lots of great racing ahead and, if you want to be in series contention, you MUST race at least one of your seven (7) qualifying races in December.

The series requirement of two (2) December races has been reduced due to the cancellation of the VeloCross event on December 29. We’ll still have the NEOCX series awards ceremony and festivities at the Sokol Center on that day, just no racing.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready for the final push of excellent Northeast Ohio Cyclocross racing!


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2 Responses to Pre-December NEOCX Series Update!

  1. Bill Gibson says:

    Hey Gregg,
    Is the Kent race still on the schedule? I heard the Broadview race was going to be the last of the series. Any truth to the rumor?
    Inquiring minds want to know… 🙂
    Bill G

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