Broadview Throwback CX Results

Wow! Thanks to officials Lynn Marut and Michael Larimer, we’ve already posted results from yesterday’s Team Lake Effect Throwback CX race in Broadview Heights.

It was a great day of racing with and spectating with both racers and hecklers braving the rain and wind. Lots of fun at the “Col du Broadview” with cowbells, yelling, taunting and an impressively creative array of handups for those who conquered the hill.

Huge props (pun intended) to none other than John Proppe who, on his final lap on the way to victory, rode up the entire length of the Col du Broadview. It was an impressive feat with the crowd getting crazy at the sight!

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4 Responses to Broadview Throwback CX Results

  1. Bill Marut says:

    Big thanks to Bob Breedlove who was doing Fig Newton had off’s as we reached the top of the hill! Bob I think I might have given you the stink eye as you so graciously offered me one during I believe the 4th time up the hill, I do apologize to you since I was under extreme duress at that particular place and time, under different circumstances I would have eaten one or two 😉

  2. Brandon says:

    I hope somebody got a video of John climbing that hill!!

  3. Here’s the video that captured John’s EPIC summit:
    The CX force is strong with this one!

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