NEOCX Series 2012 Awards and Pot Luck!

Well, the NEOCX Series has completed another year and the final results are almost ready! But before we get too far, it’s time to announce the Series Awards and Pot Luck date, time and venue.

Buffet-Table1December 29 — 5:00-8:00pm — Sokol Center in Slavic Village

We’re going to mix it up a bit this year with a Pot Luck prior to the awards presentation. If each person or family/unit brings a dish for themselves and a bit to share we’ll have more than enough to go around. Please bring your own place setting too and we’ll save the expense and waste of paper plates, plastic silverware and more cups.

To make sure we have a good spread of dishes, here’s what we are requesting each category of racer bring. If you are a non-racer, by all means bring anything you like!

A racers (women and men 1/2/3) — Main dish
B racers (senior and masters men 3/4 + SSCX) — veggies, salads, bread
C racers (all juniors + 4/5 men and women) — desserts

A few special requests:
Don Frey — Cupcakes
Stephen Cinch — Vegan Gravy

Beer and soda will be on hand, and you are also welcome to bring the beverage of your choosing. We’ll try to be finished eating by 6:30pm for the awards and then have some time for catching up.

Special thanks to Fast Track Cycling and the Cleveland Velodrome for arranging the use of the Sokol Center once again!

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