NEOCX 2 and 3 Results and Updated Points Totals

Thanks to all who came out to race 2: Edge of the World CX Spectacular, and race 3: Brooklyn Cross. Thanks to Spin and Snakebite for putting them on!

Results are below.

Edge of the World CX Spectacular Results

Brooklyn CX Results

Series Overalls

If you have any questions or changes for results please email

See you at The North Coast Grand Prix of Cyclocross, this Sunday, September 29th in Cleveland, OH!

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Results: NEOCX #1 Blue Sky or Not CX

Thanks to all that participated in our kickoff race!

269 racers(!!!) and a beautiful day lead to some fantastic racing.

Below are the results and the series overall standings.


Series Overall

As always, if there are any issues with results, please email or myself at

Next up is NEOCX #2 Edge of the World CX Spectacular, at Edgewater Park on Cleveland’s west side. Be sure to pre-register and see you there!

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2013 NEOCX Schedule

The long awaited 2013 Northeast Ohio Cyclocross Series schedule has arrived. 

Sep 8 NEOCX #1 – Euclid / Blue SkyRegister Here

Sep 15 NEOCX #2 – Metro Parks / Cleveland Bikes

Sep 22 NEOCX #3 – Brooklyn CX / Snakebite Racing

Sep 29 NEOCX #4 – North Coast Gran Prix / Velogoat – Stark Velo *

Oct 6 NEOCX #5 – Todd Field / Bicycle Hub – Women’s double up 2X payout

Oct 26 NEOCX #6 With Cap City Cross– Paradise Garage & ODU *
Oct 27 NEOCX #6 With Cap City Cross– Paradise Garage & ODU

Nov 23 NEOCX #7 – Broadview Hts. / Lake Effect – Ohio CX State Champs *

Nov 24 NEOCX #7 – Broadview Hts. / Lake Effect – Ohio CX State Champs *

Dec 14 NEOCX #8 – Cleveland Velodrome / NEOCX Season Finale & Party

* Designates an Ohio Cyclocross Cup race

Fliers and Registration links to come for all races as the time draws near. See you at the races!

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NEOCX 2012 Final Results

The position corrections and race updates are all in and I’ve compile what we think is the FINAL RESULTS for the 2012 NEOCX Series.

As always, if you have a dispute or correction to the results that changes the overall – especially the top 5 positions in any category – please let us know in the comments here.

Individual race reports are at the results page.

Remember the 2012 Series Awards and Potluck on Saturday, December 29, 5-8pm.

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NEOCX Series 2012 Awards and Pot Luck!

Well, the NEOCX Series has completed another year and the final results are almost ready! But before we get too far, it’s time to announce the Series Awards and Pot Luck date, time and venue.

Buffet-Table1December 29 — 5:00-8:00pm — Sokol Center in Slavic Village

We’re going to mix it up a bit this year with a Pot Luck prior to the awards presentation. If each person or family/unit brings a dish for themselves and a bit to share we’ll have more than enough to go around. Please bring your own place setting too and we’ll save the expense and waste of paper plates, plastic silverware and more cups.

To make sure we have a good spread of dishes, here’s what we are requesting each category of racer bring. If you are a non-racer, by all means bring anything you like!

A racers (women and men 1/2/3) — Main dish
B racers (senior and masters men 3/4 + SSCX) — veggies, salads, bread
C racers (all juniors + 4/5 men and women) — desserts

A few special requests:
Don Frey — Cupcakes
Stephen Cinch — Vegan Gravy

Beer and soda will be on hand, and you are also welcome to bring the beverage of your choosing. We’ll try to be finished eating by 6:30pm for the awards and then have some time for catching up.

Special thanks to Fast Track Cycling and the Cleveland Velodrome for arranging the use of the Sokol Center once again!

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Broadview Throwback CX Results

Wow! Thanks to officials Lynn Marut and Michael Larimer, we’ve already posted results from yesterday’s Team Lake Effect Throwback CX race in Broadview Heights.

It was a great day of racing with and spectating with both racers and hecklers braving the rain and wind. Lots of fun at the “Col du Broadview” with cowbells, yelling, taunting and an impressively creative array of handups for those who conquered the hill.

Huge props (pun intended) to none other than John Proppe who, on his final lap on the way to victory, rode up the entire length of the Col du Broadview. It was an impressive feat with the crowd getting crazy at the sight!

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Hiram CX Results and a 2012 NEOCX Series Update

Received the Hiram CX results this morning and made updates to the 2012 NEOCX Series overall standings as well prior to the last race of the series which will be held tomorrow!

If you don’t have seven (7) races and/or you haven’t raced at least one (1) December race – tomorrow is your last chance to be a series qualifier. If you don’t finish tomorrow with seven race starts, you are not a series qualifier. If you don’t race one of the December races, you are not a series qualifier. Thems is the rules… (Remember, we reduced the December requirement from two to one race when the final two races of the series were canceled.)

Also wanted to share a race report from Kevin Madzia, an employee at the Peninsula Century Cycles, on the merits of getting out there and entering a cyclocross race. Please send it to friends who are on the fence about trying our awesome sport!

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