2011 Results

2011 NEOCX Series Schedule and Results

Click HERE for FINAL Series Results as of November 21, 2011

Date                        Race                                                                            Promoter
Sept. 3 (SAT)        Manatoc CX (NOTE – Races start @ 12pm)        Team Lake Effect
Sept. 11                    Cascade Park CX, Elyria                                           SnakeBite Racing
Sept. 18                   Wendy Park CX                                                          Team Spin
Sept. 24 (SAT)      Kent State (Stark Campus) CX                              Stark Velo
Oct. 2                       Brooklyn Rec CX                                                       SnakeBite Racing
Oct. 9                       Orrville CX                                               Orrville Cycling / SoupCan Racing
Oct. 16                     !! CANCELLED !! — Willoughby CX                      Team Spin
Oct. 23                    Blue Sky (or Not!) II CX, Euclid                              Blue Sky Bicycles
Oct. 29                    Chagrin River CX – Day 1 (costume race)             Fast Track Cycling
Oct. 30                    Chagrin River CX – Day 2                                        Fast Track Cycling
Nov. 6                      Solon CX                                                            Chagrin River Cycling (CRC)
Nov. 13                    Willoughby CX – rescheduled!                                Team Spin
Nov. 20                   Kirtland Park CX                                                        Team Lake Effect

Race day registration begins at 10:00am and closes approximately 5 minutes before each race.

Each promoter reserves the right to change start times.
Please check series website for detail about each race in the series.




C Group – Cat 4 – Men Open, Juniors (U18), Men 50+, and Women 3



11:00 AM


Merchandise to Top Placements & Series Points
B Group 1 –
Cat 3/4– Masters Men 35+, Men 45+; Single-Speed Open***



12:00 PM


Merchandise to Top Placements & Series Points
B Group 2 –
Cat 3/4 – Senior Men Open and Women 1/2/3



1:15 PM


Merchandise to Top Placements & Series Points
A Group –
Cat 1/2/3 – Senior Men (U35) and Men 35+



2:30 PM


Cash Payback to Top 5 & Series Point

* September 3 – Manatoc CX – races begin at 12:00pm due to other festival events earlier in the day.
** $15.00 entry fee for all JUNIORS! (17 and under.)
– Second race entry $10 (Free for Juniors).
*** Promoters reserve the right to reassign singlespeed category racers to another B-1 or B-2 race as age/gender dictates IF there not are five (5) singlespeed racers registered at an event.

Field limit for each category is 100.

INDIVIDUAL RACE AWARDS – Cash for A racers. Merchandise and/or Gift Certificates for B and C racers.  Race promoters reserve the right to modify awards based on actual participation.

SERIES RACE AWARDS – Cash for A racers (Minimum of $1,000). Merchandise and/or Gift Certificates for B and C Group categories (see race rules for details).  Race promoters reserve the right to modify awards based on actual participation.


Venue information, start times, directions rules and series information and other information can be found at https://neocx.wordpress.com/

17 Responses to 2011 Results

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  2. Mehul says:

    I am confused by the two B groups.

    • greggb says:

      OK – the two B groups are as follows…

      B-1 – Masters 35+/45+ and Singlespeed

      This 40 minute race is aimed primarily at thinning the B field of 3/4 racers where the 35+/45+ Masters made up half the field in 2010. Cat 3/4 Masters may also ride the “senior B” (B-2 3/4 age 18-34) or the A (1/2/3 age 35+) race if they are eligible.

      The Singlespeed category will be run as its own timed group IF there are are five (5) or more riders registered.

      B-2 ” senior men” who are age 19-34 and 1/2/3 women. Masters (35+/45+) may enter this race as well. Cat 3 women may enter this race in addition to the C race.

      • brent125 says:

        Thanks for putting this all together. Out of curiosity, do the organizers anticipate the B-1’s to be a more competitive race than the B-2’s or vice versa? All of you fast masters guys, will you be racing the B-1’s or 2’s? I’m not sure whether I should be B-1, B-2 or get lapped in the A race every weekend!


        Brent Thompson

      • greggb says:

        Hi Brent,

        The B-Masters categories are pretty competitive – 7 of the top 10 B racers in last year’s series were 35+ (2 of them were 45+!) HOWEVER – you were the top 40+ A racer last year. If you blow away the B-Masters category race we will move you back up to the As. 🙂

        Two changes for this year: 1) sub categories (35+, 45+, women) will be started and scored separately and 2) the A Masters race is now 35+ instead of 40+.

        Getting lapped by A “senior men” racers should be less of a concern if you want to start and be scored against A 35+ instead.

        Hope this helps,

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  4. After two years of single speeding I greatly appreciate the addition of the the category. Just one minor question, which may be of concern to those who invite friends and family to watch them suffer. Single speeders who are under 35 will go to each race not knowing if their start time will be 12:00 pm (if there are 5 or more) or 1:15 pm(if there is not 5 or more)? Or am I misunderstanding something?

    • greggb says:

      You are not misunderstanding – if there are fewer than 5 singlespeed racers the promoter CAN (not must) place racers in one of the other B events. We understand that this makes scheduling difficult but I don’t think it is going to be an issue. There has been a great response to the addition of the singlespeed category.

      As an FYI – series rules state that a promoter can combine any field/category at their discretion.

  5. brent125 says:

    Thanks for the reply Greg – just now seeing your post from Aug. 4. I suspected the B1 race would have higher numbers and opted for that this past weekend. Whether it was “faster” than the B2 race I don’t know – the young man from Orville lit up the Manitoc B2 race on a mountain bike! B1 did seem to have more depth and was plenty fast.

    FYI – I think you may have me confused with another racer as I did not race A’s last year and have 10 years until I’m in the 45+ age division:}

  6. M. Farmer says:

    my first Cleveland race ever on Sunday, great race, great venue, nice people, well run event. Great atmosphere and sense of community. I hope to join your series again.
    I am not sure if I got results in the proper category, my wife told me I got 6th and I was happy enough with that I didn’t think twice.
    I was hoping to race in the 45+ B’s, But based on the flyer I just assumed there was only a 35+ and not 45+. I was in a stupor afterwards and didn’t think about this till looking at your results from last week, showing the break out of 35/45.
    thanks a bunch!

    • greggb says:

      The NEOCX series will categorize 35+ and 45+ separately. Each race may choose to start/award categories as they see fit based upon field size, etc…

      In real-world terms, this means that someone could take 5th place overall in the 35+/45+ race but could be first in their respective category for series points.

  7. Samantha Adams says:

    Are junior eligible for a one day license in the Blue Sky (or Not) race?

  8. Samantha Adams says:

    Awesome! Are girls and guys in the same race for Juniors or do high school girls race with women?

    • greggb says:

      Junior men and women usually start at the same time unless there is a large number of racers. Juniors can self-select to race with the Senior (18-34) racers if they have some experience and are comfortable with the larger fields.

      We have a number of Junior men who are racing with the B racers, and even one who is doing well in the A race!

  9. eric whewell says:

    Hello! are you guys racing the weekend of november 26th? I don’t want to travel to Iowa city to get a race in… Hoping to find something local to northeast ohio or even east of there into NY or PA. Know of anything?

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