Series Rules

2012 NEOCX Series Rules

The 2012 Series includes 13 cyclocross races as provided in the schedule, each promoted by various Northeast Ohio based cycling teams (the “Promoters”).  All races are being held under USA Cycling permits.

1) All races must have a USAC permit / insurance.
2) All races must have a USAC official present for scoring and results transmission.
3) All race venues must have adequate toilet facilities for 100+ racers and spectators.
4) All races must have identifiable medical personnel. These personnel can be racers and/or spectators, but they must be named and accessible to officials and event staff at all times during the race.

Overall Points Rules:

Points will be awarded to all competitors in each race.  The overall Series prizes will be determined by using each racer’s highest points from 7 of 13 Series Races. You must race 2 races in December.  You must race in the Cyclocross Category on your USA Cycling license or higher.  Points will be awarded for women and men in each of the following Categories:

A Group: CX Cat 1/2/3 – Senior Men and Men 35+

B-1 Group: CX Cat 3/4 – Masters Men 35+, Men 45+; and Single-Speed

B-2 Group: CX Cat 3/4 – Senior Men 3/4 Open and Women Cat 1/2/3

C Group: CX Cat 4 – Senior Men , Juniors (U18), Men 50+, and Women Cat 4

Points may not be transferred from Category to Category, including B-1 and B-2 men’s races. For example, if you race in a C Category in Races 1-3 and then move up to an B-2 Category in Race 4, you do not lose your C Category points for Races 1-3, but you will start with 0 points in the B-2 Category in Race 4.

1) Male racers with a cyclocross Category of 1, 2, or 3 on their USAC license may not enter the C race.
2) Masters Men Category 1 and 2 racers may not enter the B-1 Masters race, regardless of age.
3) Women Category 1 and 2 racers may not enter the C Women’s race.

If you do not finish (DNF) a Race, that Race will count as an eligible Race for the overall Series and you will receive 1 (one) overall Series points for that Race.

Series Prizes:

The A Group will receive cash series awards while the top three (3) in all other categories will receive merchandise and/or gift certificates.  Race promoters reserve the right to modify awards based on actual participation.


Place Points Place Points
50 (and so on…)

The B and C Categories are generally not awarded cash prizes in order to discourage sandbagging.  The A, B and C Category age sub-categories (Masters 50+ and Juniors (U18), etc.) are only open to those racers who meet the age qualifications for such Categories.  Each promoter reserves the right to move racers from one Category to another in its sole discretion for reasonable and good faith reasons in the best interests of the racer moved and all of the racers.

In the event of a tie in any placing in the overall Series points standings at the end of the Series, the racer with the higher number of Series points going into the last Race (and going back Race to Race until the tie is broken) will be awarded the higher position in the Series points standings.

Start Times and Race Length by Category:

Categories Start Time* Length**

C Racers 11:00 am 30 minutes
B-1 Racers 12:00 pm 40 minutes
B-2 Racers 1:15 pm 40 minutes
A Racers 2:30 pm 60 minute

*Start times are approximate, but the Promoter will try to start each Category on time.
The start times and length of each Race may be adjusted at the discretion of the USA Cycling Official or the Promoter.

Individual Racer Rules:

All races are being held under USA Cycling permits.  All racers must fully complete and sign the 2010 USA Cycling, Inc. Standard Entry Blank and Release Form ( prior to each Race.  A racer’s failure to do so may result in loss of all Series points earned up to that Race.  A one-day license is not required if you hold a valid and current USA Cycling license.

ALL racers must wear an ANSI or SNELL approved helmet that fits properly while riding their bike before, during, and after a Race (including in the parking lots, to the restrooms, etc.).

Racers may ride a cyclocross, mountain, hybrid, single-speed or fixed gear bike. Only single-speed or fixed gear bicycles are allowed in the single-speed category (B-1) race.

NO bar-ends are allowed on mountain bikes or hybrids per USA Cycling rules.

Spare wheels, bikes and tools must be placed in the area marked “WHEEL PIT”.

The Promoter may designate a feed zone, but will permit hand ups at any point on the Race courses provided you do not interfere with the conduct of the Race, another racer, and do not cut the course.

You must follow the instructions of the USA Cycling Official and the Promoter. The decisions of the USA Cycling Official are final.  Confrontational arguing, fighting, foul language, threatening behavior and the like will not be tolerated and you will be subject to Race disqualification and/or loss of Series points for engaging in this behavior.  You may also be asked to leave the Race venue immediately.  Serious or multiple incidents will lead to your being barred from racing in the Series.

Race Numbers/Placement:

– Racers are not allowed to hand write a number.  Racers must use an officially issued number.
– The placement location (left or ride side) of the number on your jersey may vary from Race to Race.  Racers should ask a Race volunteer at registration if they are not sure about number placement for any particular Race.

Rule Interpretations/Changes:

Rule interpretations and/or changes will be made at the Promoter’s sole discretion.


13 Responses to Series Rules

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  2. Kirk M. says:

    Will there be a 50+ category in the C race at NEOCX #2 ? The flyer doesn’t mention this.
    Also, I am a newly upgraded Cat3 for Cx. Will I be allowed to race in the 50+ C-race ?
    I am also planning to ride SS in the B1 race.
    Thanks !!

    • greggb says:

      All categories will be represented at all races, with the possible exception of singlespeed if there is low turnout…

      As a USAC Cat 3 Cyclocross racer, you are obliged to race the B1 – Masters 45+ or A – 35+ race. I know that racing the B1 race will make you chose between geared and singlespeed, but that’s how it is.

  3. Bob Hetzel says:

    Can I get the single-day license at the venue or do I need to do that ahead of time?

  4. Tom says:

    I saw that there’s a new max tire width for cross bikes this year… Are there tire width rules if I ride MTB

    • greggb says:

      The 33mm tire width limitation is generally enforced only at international (UCI) and USAC pro level races.

      The 2011 NEOCX Series does not enforce this rule. As a way to encourage more racers, we even allow mountain bike use in races as long as bar end extensions, if they are on the bike, have been removed.

  5. Natalie says:

    Is the “women cat 3” in the C group a typo (should it be women cat 4?), or can cat 3 women really race twice?

  6. David says:

    Hi just a quick question. Are the results of the Chagrin CX race going to be submitted to USA Cycling? The results haven’t shown up on my account yet.


  7. Jeff says:

    Regarding mountain bike allowance in the local series…do you allow fat tire bikes such as the Surly Pugsley?

    • greggb says:

      Mountain bikes are allowed by the series rules – including the Pugsley. One was raced at the Whiskey Island event this year. Great in the sand, not so great on the hills and barriers if I remember the post-race assessment. Just remember, like any other mountain bike used in CX, no type of bar end or extender is allowed.

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